Respiratory Risks In The Workplace – Prevention And Protection


As people across the country wake up and head to work, most are unaware of the major respiratory risks that await them as soon as they walk through the door. Various industries and occupations pose different risks, including exposure to harmful substances such as chemicals, dust, fumes, and gases. These hazards can lead to respiratory conditions and diseases, ranging from short-term irritations to long-term chronic illnesses.

Employers have a responsibility to assess and mitigate respiratory risks through proper ventilation systems, engineering controls, personal protective equipment (PPE), and regular monitoring of air quality. By prioritizing respiratory health and implementing appropriate safeguards, workplaces can create safer environments that protect the well-being of employees.

Premier Safety has created an easy-to-follow infographic going over common respiratory illnesses that are found in different workplaces, sources of exposure, symptoms, and how to combat their negative health effects.

To learn more on the subject, please see the accompanying resource.

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